Sunday, April 25, 2010

Aria Battery Checker

Hello Aria fans! For those of you with basses with active electronics, you know that batteries can sometimes die at the worst of times. Instead of changing batteries when there may be a good deal of life left, the Aria Pro II BC-1500 battery checker lets you test the battery life of your instrument (it also works with most pedals, like Boss) to let you gauge how much life is left in the battery. There are more sophisticated battery testers out there for sure, but this one is really simple. The needle indicates the battery life - red means it's about out of life, black means no worries. Like I said, very simple! The checker works fine on my Aria basses with stock electronics, however it does not register at all on my Aria SB with Alembic electronics installed. I have no idea why that may be, it also doesn't seem to register on my Morley bass wah and MXR DI unit. If you have any theories as to why it doesn't work on those, email me! Luckily I have LED battery indicators on the SBs with Alembic electronics. I haven't found much about the BC-1500 on the web, but I do know it was made in Japan (the sticker says so!). It evens come with a handy little case. I haven't found any info on this from the Aria websites, but there is a Japanese site with what appears to be a short review of it here.

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  1. Sounds like a great help. It does get to be a bit of a drag to pull the three screws in back and yank the batteries to check them on some other device. I gotta start searching for one of these!