Saturday, May 22, 2010

Family Photo

Here is a recent 'family photo' of my basses in Korea (except my SB-1000CB, but you saw it a couple of posts ago. :) ) From left to right: IGB-85B (modded with SB pickups), SB-Black 'n' Gold II (with Alembic pickups/electronics), SB-R60 (with Alembic pickup/electronics), SB-Integra, IGB-600.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Jason - would you consider selling one of your Integra's at any stage. I will be on the hunt around tax time (end of June). No probs either way. Have always admired your collection. Very hard to come by in Australia.
    By the way have you ever seen a model Integra IGB-77 or IGB 68/5. Both seem cool to me (although I dont think either were made in Japan).
    Let me know mate, and like I said no probs either way. Just thought I'd ask.
    Take care - talk soon!