Thursday, November 11, 2010

RSB-900 Electronics Restoration

Similar to Shawn's SB-1000, I found a bass also in need of some new electronics and a pickup. The bass in question is a 1980 RSB-900, which is basically an SB-1000 with a different headstock and oval inlays. This bass has clearly been played and played hard. Check out the battle scars in the photo link. The pickup and electronics were both dead so I ordered new ones from Aria USA. After my friend Lance wired everything up, it sounds good as new! The new electronics are built a little differently, but they do sound pretty much the same as the originals. If you have an SB (or RSB) that has fried electronics or pickups, I highly recommend the Aria replacements to get back to the original tone. One last note, since these old RSB-900s didn't have an LED for the BB Circuit, I had Lance drill a hole to accommodate the LED that comes with the Re-Issued version. For more pictures of the bass than anyone really needs, go here!


  1. Hi there - how did you order your replacement electronics? I emailed Aria USA (Dana B Goods) and they basically said try elsewhere...?!

    Please help mate, I need some replacements too.

  2. If Aria USA is out, you could try contacting Aria Guitars (the Japanese version) on Facebook. I think they might have some available...