Friday, May 6, 2011

Aria Pro II SB-R60 w/ DR Black Beauty Strings

I finally got around to stringing up my SB-R60 with some DR Black Beauty strings. As you can see I was going for a 'stealth' look here. With the black hardware, black finish and now Black Beauty strings, it really gives it a sleek look. These strings sound great with the Alembic pickup. More pics here.


  1. Wait a minute here! I missed the story behind this one. Where did the Alembic circuitry come from? NICE!

  2. Here's the story!

    Aria used to have an SB model that came with Alembic pickups/circuit. I took the pickups from a couple of those models I found with some neck problems and put them in these older Arias...They make a great combination.

  3. Here is the story!


    Perhaps these would look better on a Black n' Gold! I had the manufacturers make me up a custom set for the seven-string guitar I built, and they are really sweet. Surprisingly long-ish lifetime also.