Monday, September 10, 2012

More demos: Aria Pro II SB-Integra (take two!)

Hello again, here is a demo of yet another SB-Integra (MIJ 1986). This time, it's from a different bassist, Mike, who shows off what the Integra can do. Mike gets the classic SB-Integra tone in his demo. He has three tracks to check out: one is a clean track, the second has some distortion added, and the third puts it all together with a  cool drum track. He recorded direct into his computer using Pro Tools with the following equipment:

Direct Box - A Designs REDDI
Amp Sim - Audiffex Gallien-Krueger Bass Amp
Drums - Steven Slate Drums 4.0

Here's a snapshot of the AHEQ-2 circuit of the SB Integra Mike used:

Thanks to Mike for recording another cool demo to show off the SB-Integra series. Enjoy!

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