Monday, March 7, 2011

Aria Pro II SB-CB Demonstration

Here is a nice demonstration of the Aria SB-CB by Dale Titus of Dana B. Goods (US distributors for Aria). For those who don't know, the SB-CB is the Cliff Burton inspired model offered by Aria. It differs from the SB-1000CB models in that it was made in Korea so it's less expensive. Also available is the SB-RI which comes in natural finish. The RI and CB are identical except for the finishes. Remember, the SB-1000RI/CB label means it was made in Japan and costs more. The SB-RI/CB label means made in Korea and is available at a lower cost. Be careful that you don't pay over the retail price on the Korean models! I have seen some sellers selling SB-RIs with SB-1000RI prices. Enjoy the demo:

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