Monday, October 11, 2010

Custom & Unknown Arias: Part 1

I've come across photos of many custom or at least very rare Arias over the years. Some do have known model numbers but are just very rare, others are from the "AP Custom Shop" and others I just can't ID yet! I'll go ahead and make a series of posts about these basses, along with the bits of information I have on them.

First up is a bass that looks very similar to the SB-1010, but it's not quite the same. First, the body looks slightly different. Second, the pickup is not a typical SB-1000 pickup. I have seen this pickup on other Aria basses (the RSB Formula for one). Third, it does not appear to have the BB Circuit of the SB-1000/1010. The electronics, while active, are a more simple configuration. The bass is finished in a beautiful padauk red and it looks like it's medium scale, like the 1010. It was made in 1986 (serial # begins with a 6) which I can't recall ever actually seeing before on SB basses! Usually they fall between 1980-1985 from my experiences with them. I found this one on sale at They take great pictures and have many great instruments, but they are not cheap!

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