Sunday, July 25, 2010

More Pros With Pro II's

Here are a few more pro players who played Aria Pro II's back in the '80s, but weren't featured in ads. There are some surprise players like the Jam's Bruce Foxton (looks to playing an SB-R60, here is some more video.) and Geezer Butler(!). If anyone can find some video of Geezer tearing it up with his SB-1000 please send me the link! Thanks to Nuno for the info and pics on those two players! I'm fairly certain Cliff Burton would have been featured in Aria's ads had he lived...The other players are John Leven of Europe with what looks to be an SB-Black 'n' Gold I and Jason Newsted with one of Cliff's Black 'n' Gold basses which he used to record the "Garage Days..." EP. Updates: Steve Bailey was also a long time Aria player (seen with his 6 string fretless AVB-SB signature model) and Mike Oldfield is shown with an ultra rare SB-R150. Michael Anthony of Van Halen fame also played SB-Integras (black and white) and a black SB-1000. You can see him using it on the Van Halen video "Live Without a Net" from 1986. Also, Neil Murray pictured with a custom Integra bass with Black Sabbath. Updated: Finally found a pic of Jonas Hellborg with an Aria (thanks to a reader for the tip).
Marcus Miller also played Aria for a short time, but the only photo I've seen is a small pic in an Aria catalog. If anyone has a better pic of him playing his Aria, please send it to me! Another update: Tony Butler of Big Country with an Aria SB Elite II or RSB 800. I can't tell without seeing the headstock which it is. I'd guess Elite since this pic was from 1984.

When Aria Ruled the World (or at least the '80s!)

I'd like to post some of the Aria Pro bass ads from Aria's heyday, mostly from the '80s and mostly those featuring famous bassists. If you have a scan of one that I don't have here, please send it! Thanks to Nuno for some of the pics!