Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Aria Pro II Integra model: IGB-50 ROSE

It looks like Aria is introducing a new Integra bass for the new year: the IGB-50 ROSE. This is an interesting addition to the long running Integra line. It features a rosewood top with alder body, and a 5 piece maple/rosewood neck. I can't remember seeing rosewood as a topwood on a bass before. This model has a few nice features. Aside from the rosewood top, the neck is now 5 piece construction. I think this a major improvement over the scarf joint design found on most Integras - and also more aesthetically pleasing! The pickups are "Duncan Designed" SB-102s with volume, bass, treble, and pickup balance controls. Another small detail of note is that the hardware is now branded "Aria Pro II". I have not seen the AP branded hardware since the late '80s / early '90s. It looks to be Gotoh made, but I can't be sure. The bridge looks similar to a Gotoh 201.

You can get more specs at the Aria Japanese site. I have no idea if these will be available in the US or Europe, but I've seen them for sale at J-Guitar and other Japanese online retailers.

Update: there is also a 5 string version available.