Saturday, April 23, 2011

Custom & Unknown Arias: Part 6

Here is an interesting Aria bass called the Zodiac. It's not quite my style, but it would sure be a conversation piece! It is a custom shop model as you can see by the "AP" logo as well as on the fretboard inlay. You can also notice the unusual output jack location, it's on the back of the body. Other interesting features include the chrome pickguard and single control knob located next to the bridge.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Custom & Unknown Arias: Part 5

I found photos of a rare Aria Pro bass that I believe is part of the RSB-Fire lineup. The RSB-Fire was basically a signature model for a Japanese artist and I never saw any mention of it in markets outside of Japan. This particular RSB is a 5 stringer, with a green finish, a 6 bolt, multi-laminate neck, black hardware, and what looks like an ebony fretboard.

Here is the RSB-Fire 4 string model, in 'black mist' finish.