Monday, November 8, 2010

Aria Pro II SB-1000 Wiring Schematics and Info

Naturally, I think Aria Pro II SB-1000s are some of the best basses around, classics even. However, they are somewhat notorious for suffering from pickup and/or BB circuit problems. As the vintage models are now 25-30 years old, this is somewhat to be expected. I've read about problems on several different bass guitar forums and people always wanted a schematic from which to try and solve the problem with. Nobody could ever seem to be able to find one, though. Hopefully this will no longer be the case as Aria USA was kind enough to send me the original SB-1000 BB Circuit diagram and marketing info. I also have the SB-1000 Re-Issue schematic (thanks Shawn!) for those of you who may have problems or questions about the newer models.


  1. I have a custom Aria I bought used last summer, great bass, until 5 minutes before I went on stage yesterday when it started making fuzzy static noises I usually associate with a dead battery. After trying several other batteries no difference but the source seemed to be the active bass and treble pots. The serial number is 518100102 serial number Aria 5 string bass but I could find nothing on where to look to see what year it was made or how to get replacement electronics. It was purchased at the end of a Namm show a few years ago, so it plays incredibly because it was totally tricked out so I am greatly dismayed that the active stuff has probs. any help would be great.. Jason Bray

  2. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for an Aria 450TSB custom with two pickups. It originally only had two pots and a selector switch.


  3. Recently i got a sb600 bass and the volume of the bass is very low when the switch is toggled towards the bridge. The other way, it works just fine.
    Is this normal with this bass or has it a problem with the swith. I hope i won´t be a coil problem.
    Can you help me?
    Sorry about my english
    Greetings from México


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  5. Greetings! Can someone help me with schematic ans specs for Aria SB 900? I want to adjust the pickups and I need all the specs etc I can find...