Monday, April 26, 2010

Billy Gould's Aria Integra Bass For Sale?

Being a big Billy Gould fan, I was very interested when fellow Aria bass fan Nuno sent me an email that said the exact bass Billy Gould used at the Rock in Rio II festival in 1991 was for sale here.
I have no way of telling if the bass was really played by Billy or not, but it certainly is the right model (IGB-600 or IGB-DLX in the US). The knobs have been replaced and the truss rod cover is missing. The Brazilian seller doesn't appear to give any proof of authenticity. He is asking about $700 USD (not $1300 like I originally thought!). I'm a huge fan, but unless I had proof and lots of extra cash, I don't think I'd bite on this one! For comparison, here is a pic of Billy with one of his Integra IGB-600s (I assume he had more than one while on tour). Unfortunately there isn't much to go on comparison wise since the bass is black and therefore has no wood grain or other distinguishing characteristics. Black paint, black hardware. Billy's was missing one knob at the time of the photograph. Do you think it's the real deal?


  1. Hey, just stumbled across this page.As you posted this last April did you ever find out if the bass was the one Billy played at Rock in Rio 2, if it was really authentic then that would be an awsome buy!!!!

  2. One year on and the mystery still endures! I never found out if it was authentic!

  3. I know it's hard to believe ... but ... the bass is authentic .. the instrument is mine and I bought a nightclub in Rio de Janeiro called Rock in Rio Cafe, which closed by bankruptcy. The pictures are also my own ... lol

    1. Wow, nice! Do you have any more pics Flavio? (sorry I just noticed your comment almost a year later - lol)