Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Aria Pro II SB-800

Here is a nice rarity sent in by fellow Aria fan Tyler - it's an SB-800. This is a unique bass because it is like an SB-1000 in every way except for one: it is a bolt-on, not neck-through. It has all the other features of an SB-1000 (active circuit, 6 position tone selector, brass bridge and nut, etc). I believe the Aria SB-600 was the bolt-on version of the SB-700, but neither the 600 or 800 models lasted very long for some reason. There is even an SB-800 ad that I had not seen before! You can check out a few more pics here. In addition, there are some more excellent pictures taken by Dave at Click here to see more details of this bass such as the 6 bolt (including two hidden under the neck plate!) system. The Aria advertisement for this model can be seen at

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