Thursday, September 30, 2010

Aria Pro II SB-1010

from Wisconsin has obtained a very rare version of the SB-1000 called the SB-1010. His is from 1985. It's a medium scale version of the SB-1000. Fellow Aria fan Yutaka was able to translate the 1986 catalog info on the SB-1010. There isn't a photo of the SB-1010 in the catalog, just a short description. The SB-1010 has the same BB Circuit as the 1000. However the bridge is not brass, and does not have the narrow string spacing like the Sb-1000. The 1010 has a chrome bridge found on other SB models such as the SB-R60. The body and headstock are noticeably smaller on the SB-1010. Yutaka explained that it was designed for the smaller Japanese players. Although the catalog states they were available in black and padouk red, I've only seen black versions. Here are some pictures from Jason. You can see the difference between the 1010 and the 1000, and the shorter headstock:

Another example of the SB-1010 can be found on Graeme's SB pages.

Thanks again to Jason for sending in pics of this rare model. You can see more photos of his basses here.

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