Friday, August 21, 2015

Aria Pro II SB-Integra signed by Billy Gould!

Back in February I had the pleasure of meeting one of my bass idols and former Aria player, Billy Gould! He was at an event to launch his Zon Sonus signature bass in Tokyo and I was able to attend! Bill signed my AP SB-Integra prototype model which is just like the bass he played on Introduce Yourself and The Real Thing. When I showed him the bass he said "that's my bass!" and even played it a bit before signing for me. Here are some pics because "pictures or it didn't happen!".


  1. Nice! Must've warmed his heart a little.

    1. He did enjoy seeing that bass again...In fact, I just recently sold him an SB-Integra prototype exactly like the one he signed in Tokyo! He said it feels and sounds just like he remembered way back when.

  2. The only difference is mine has an ebony composite type fretboard.