Sunday, March 15, 2020

Aria Pro II SB-Elite I with Rautia MB-II replacement pickup!

Greetings - it's been a while (like 4 and a half years!) but here is something definitely worth blogging about. It's YouTuber TJH3113 giving the Aria Pro II SB-Elite I a spin on the easy listening classic "Feels So Good".

I sold this particular Elite to TJH3113 with a Rautia MB-II pickup installed due to the original pickup being completely dead. I have had a few of these Rautias installed and I can confirm they sound like the originals and are, in my opinion, the best available Aria SB MB replacement pickups available. He makes them in a few different variations. Check his website for details.


  1. Hey man - good to see your blog up and active again!!! I hadn't checked in for a few years until I saw TJH3113 comment about you on one of his play throughs. I love watching Troys play throughs and that SB you sold him sounds rad.
    Hope you are well in these challenging times man.

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